PURE (biodegradable) Glitter Gel Set

PURE (biodegradable) Glitter Gel Set


Get the PURE BIODEGRADABLE GLITTER GELS! These glitter gels are 100% biodegradable and produced from cosmetically approved ingredients, meaning it’s environmentally friendly while still providing the same gorgeous aesthetic you love about Projekt Glitter! This one is for the conscious ravers out there!

This set contains: 1 x chunky gold, 1 x chunky silver, 1 x turquoise/gold & 1 x pink/ turquoise/ gold glitter gel mix.

Each bag contains 8g is enough to be shared across 20 faces. :)

Our glitter gel fits into your back pocket and is perfect for sharing with everyone on the dancefloor. The gel goes on thick and smooth, dries instantly, stays on all weekend long (we've personally tested this!) and comes off easily with warm water and some wipes. 


WITHIN GERMANY & EUROPE: Allow 5 -7 business days for orders to arrive. 

OUTSIDE OF EUROPE: Allow 20 - 25 business days for orders to arrive. 

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